What is it?

BlipApp is a mobile and computer application, that improves the interaction between you and your PowerPoint presentation (or other presentations) by using a laser pointer. You will be able to draw in your slides with it and do other cool stuff.

What else?


Transform your projection screen into a virtual blackboard. You will be able to draw in real time, go through your slides and many other features.


Use your laser pointer as a magic wand. Emphasize important information, control your mouse cursor and customize certain actions.


It improves the interaction between you and your presentation. Let others take part in it by sharing your laser pointer.


You can take it anywhere. Forget about expensive hardware. You just need two things, a mobile holder and a laser pointer.

How does it work?

The best way to show this is by using a video. This one shows you how to start using BlipApp once you have it installed.

Extra features!

Figure recognition

It is kind of difficult to draw with a laser pointer, we improve the drawing precision with image processing algorithms.

Important Annotations

Remembers what the speaker wrote in the slides, and therefore you can remember what he or she pointed out.

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